Check Out My Guest Blog Post: Has This Prolonged Isolation Got You Tied Up in Knots? Help Is On the Way

2020 was a doozy for many of us. Your stress brain could be on the lookout to see if 2021 will be offering something better, or more of the same. Seeing life through the lens of your stress brain is like viewing things through grey-colored glasses as opposed to rose. At this stage in the pandemic… keep reading @ New Harbinger


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It’s Here!

My Audiobook Is Available Now!

I’m so glad you can now relax and listen to the explanations and exercises in The Mind-Body Stress Reset while you try them out for yourself.  Take the book with you on a hike, bring it in the car, listen while you rest on the couch.  Letting youself slow down, close your eyes, and hear the tools in the book is a great way to reset your stress.

I look forward to hearing how you like it, leaving reviews for the book online really helps others find it.

Thanks and take good care.

Here’s Why I’m Glad My Teens Watch BTS K-Pop Videos Between Online-Classes

It’s no secret that teens have been hit hard by the Country’s prolonged shutdown.

Just as their biology is pulling them out into the world, a virus has shut them in.

To my surprise, giggles met me as I came into the living room from my home office a few weeks ago. Hearing my middle school daughters laugh during online classes is rare, and it made me immediately curious. Then I realized the giggles weren’t because of class. They were on a 10-minute break and tuned in to one of the many, many, humorous videos produced by their favorite K-pop boyband, BTS — a worldwide sensation, in case you haven’t heard.

They might’ve been watching the band’s handsome young men dressed in funny costumes while performing one of their awesomely crisp dances, or perhaps seeing these same artistic athletes eagerly slurping ramen, or just being the captivating young men that they are (yes, I’m a bit of a fan too). Almost no matter what the band members are doing, it is an emotional salve for my daughters, and they laugh like crazy with each clip. Sometimes my cheeks ache from smiling too hard as I watch my girls watching those charismatic boys.

My older daughter, who is normally easygoing and affable, came to me a few months ago and said she thought she might be getting depressed. I took her seriously. As a mental health professional, I knew I would first support her in several lifestyle changes, and then if she continued to feel internally shaky, I’d find her a therapist.  Keep Reading on

Royal Suffering: Harry, Meghan, (Diana) and Trauma

In case you haven’t heard, the British monarchy has a new outpost in LA, and I think Trauma has a role in this relocation.

Let’s take a very brief look at Harry’s trauma, where it all originates from. As a child, Harry watched as his mother suffered under scrutiny from the tabloids and the royals, had her mental health needs ignored or even shamed, and ultimately died as she famously fled yet another paparazzi ambush. But that’s not how it all plays out for him and Meghan, and good for Harry for refusing to repeat the traumas of his youth.

Of course Harry doesn’t want to repeat those same horrific outcomes! He already had to live (and love) through them once. But what can Harry do to change the way these traumas function in his brain?  keep reading on medium…

The Balancing Act with Pandemic Fatigue

I hope my new article on Medium helps you gain some tools to get through this stage of the pandemic. We need all the help we can get!

Pandemic fatigue is on the evening news, it infuses the moods of my Covid bubble buddies, and it’s easy to spot on the masked faces I pass on the sidewalk or the store. I’m hearing this from clients, colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors. Many of us are hitting a wall at this point in the pandemic, and it makes perfect sense that people are looking for a way out. It’s coming to my attention — possibly yours too — that our familiar standbys are falling short for pandemic-coping. While a lot of us have turned to excessive zoom-socializing or T.V watching to cope, many are working to excess, shopping to excess, or drinking to excess — each of those three activities can be followed by “oholism” for a reason — they pose a threat to our health and wellbeing. But even seemly healthy choices like cleaning and exercising can become destructive….continue reading on Medium

Podcast Interview with Psychologists off the Clock

I had a great conversation with Debbie Sorrensen at Psychologists off the Clock about the value of body-based therapeutic practices and where your somatic-imprints might originate from.  I hope you’ll take a listen!

Podcast Interview on Shrink Rap Radio

I was happy to spend an hour talking with Dr. Dave of Shrink Rap Radio, one of the first podcasts on psychological wellness on iTunes.

Have a listen here, I think you’ll enjoy it.

The Mind-Body Stress Reset conversation with Rebekkah LaDyne and Dr. Dave on Shrink Rap Radio


Book Talk at Copperfield’s in Bay Area: September 2020 *Wishing you stress-relief

See and hear the first online book talk for The Mind-Body Stress Reset.

YouTube Channel

Did you know I have a YouTube channel?  It has a collection of videos that might be helpful for your self-regulation practices.  There could be a video that lifts you up during a hard day.  Or perhaps there is one that is a friendly reminder of a basic of somatic-regulation skill. Take a look, a listen, or share with a friend.

Check it out here:

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, the rain clouds have passed and revealed the clear blue sky to my neck of the woods (yes I actually do live in a forest).  And just as all the blossoms are reminding me of new growth, and emerging, I’m aware that one year from now, spring 2020, I’m expecting a new arrival myself.

No, I’m not pregnant again, at least not with a human baby.  But you could say I’m pregnant with possibility.  What possibility, you ask?  A bouncing baby BOOK!  Yes, that’s right.  My first book is coming out spring 2020 and I’m so excited to share it with all of you.

I’ve been researching for my book for the last six years, writing my book for the last two, was joined by a great publisher ten months ago, and I just submitted the final manuscript today! (That was a lot of gestating). And in a short eleven months, we can all have a copy in our hands!

The book is about stress, Anxiety, and overwhelm (which I know a thing or two about, and not just theoretically).  It’s about how stress and anxiety are notjust in our heads but in our bodies too.  Overwhelm, and its friends, are a felt experience before they are thoughts (and during and after too).  As these challenges begin in the body so do they resolve in the body.

The Mind-Body Stress Reset: Somatic Practices to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Well-Beingwill guide readers toward the relief and true ease they need and want.  It will take you on a journey from extreme stress and trauma, to resilience, strength, and your capacity to recover.  I can hardly wait until its arrival next spring!

More about the book coming soon.  And please, help spread the word!


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