Replace unwanted neural habits with optimal functioning


Neurofeedback gives you the ability to rewire your brain

Neurofeedback has been used since the 1960’s to train individuals’ brain’s to function more optimally. Simply put, neurofeedback is exercise for your brain.  Neurofeedback creates neural regulation by strengthening areas of the brain that have been previously underutilized.  Similar to going to the gym to strengthen your arm muscles, neurofeedback exercises and strengthen targeted brain functioning that improve overall performance.

Attention Increasing Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is extremely successful with increasing attention and concentration such as in cases of ADD and ADHD.

Anxiety Decreasing Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback can help to down regulate your brain so that you are less anxious and can enjoy a calm and alert state.

In session:

  • Rebekkah will discuss your goals and concerns with you to create an individual treatment plan that will address brain functions that you are most interested in targeting.
    • The initial session lasts 60 minutes for assessment and goal setting.
  • Typically neurofeedback requires a minimum of 10 sessions and often 20 – 30 sessions before you brain is satisfactorily retrained.
    •  Training sessions last approximately 30-40 minutes and take place weekly or twice weekly depending on your needs.

As with lifting weights at the gym, you would not see much result if you only went once each month.  Neurofeedback needs regular practice initially, in order to set and strengthen your new neural pathways.  The good news with neurofeedback is that once you strengthen these new pathways in your brain with the help of the neurofeedback training, your brain then maintains this progress on its own and keeps these optimal pathways in tip top shape for you for years to come.

ADD, ADHD, and General Attention Challenges

Neurofeedback has been extensively studied for ADD and ADHD, neurofeedback has earned the title as a Best Practice intervention for attention that does not require medication.  Watch this informative video for more information from a young man who has ‘been there.’  


Common in the ADD/ADHD/Attention Challenged brain is excessive ‘slow wave’ activity.  These brain’s are ‘drifting off’ every few seconds, or for minutes at a time, and missing important information.  This slow wave ‘drift’ makes it very difficult to follow verbal instructions and conversations, as well as staying on task.  This ADD/ ADHD/ Attention Challenged brain is ‘loosing the thread’ of the task at hand because the brain is slipping from ‘fast wave’ focus into ‘slow wave’ distraction right in the middle of an action, thought, or task.

Neurofeedback for attention and concentration involves training the brain to access its own ‘fast waves.’  With a very widely used protocol, the brain is rewarded (with a video game or movie clip) when it produces fast waves, while in contrast the images or games fade out or pause when the brain slips into slow wave activity.  Because the brain loves reward, and naturally wants to keep that game of film moving, over time, the brain learns to utilize and maintain fast wave activity, otherwise knows as mental concentration.

Using these fast waves via the neurofeedback training creates new pathways in the brain, and the more often this path is ‘traveled,’ the stronger and better the pathways function.  Because the brain automatically uses pathways that are familiar, the regularity of the neurofeedback training creates a ‘new familiar,’ well established pathways that support the ability to access fast waves and to concentrate.

Without neurofeedback, the distracted brain shows a default setting of slipping into slow wave distraction, with 15-30 neurofeedback sessions, the brain will gain a new default, fast wave action for tasks that require concentration.

Training Recommendations for You or Your Child:

Package Treatment:

  • Initial assessment session approximately 60 minutes
  • Followed by 10 neurofeedback sessions
    • Approximately 30-40 minutes each, to be held at least every week, if not twice weekly.
  • Mid-training conversation to be held after 10 training sessions, at which point we can determine if 10 further sessions are recommended.


For ADHD: Initial assessment & 10 training sessions (approximately 30-40 minutes long) – $1050
Mid-training assessment & 10 additional training sessions – $900

Anxiety and Worry

When chronic stress, overwhelm, or sudden shock occurs, they affect our ability to self-regulate. Sebern Fisher writes in her acclaimed book, Calming the Fear Driven Brain, “Until now, few reliable therapies existed to combat developmental trauma. By focusing on a client’s brain-wave patterns and ‘training’ them to operate at different frequencies, the rhythms of the brain, body, and mind are normalized, attention stabilizes, fear subsides, and, with persistent, dedicated training, regulation sets in.”

Watch Sebern Fisher explain neurofeedback and it’s potential reach.


With neurofeedback for anxiety and overwhelm, you will learn to adjust your neural patterns from states of fear, confusion, and isolation, to states of ease, trust, and self-efficacy. Rebekkah will help you learn how to down-regulate. The feedback from your own brain will demonstrate to you when your brain is hyper-activated or ‘spinning out’ and when you have accessed brain states that support optimal-activation and ease. Over time, you will learn how to recover from states of hyper-activation into optimal-activation, you will also improve and expand the capacity of your optimal neural pathways, so they become the brain’s ‘new normal.’

Using well-tested protocols to calm your fear driven brain, neurofeedback for anxiety will soothe to your amygdala and give you access to your prefrontal cortex capacities.  Anxiety reducing neurofeedback is always combined with Somatic Therapeutic work for best and longest lasting results.

Training Options: 

Neurofeedback Combined with Somatic Therapy:

  • Hour-long sessions focusing on anxiety reduction and neural regulation.
  • Splitting your session between these two extremely effective and deeply transformational approaches helps you truly heal.
    • Improvements can be assessed after 10 to 15 sessions.

Individual Sessions:
Individual hour-long sessions $155


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