“Working with the stress I store in both my body and mind has completely changed how I feel… how I am.”
“My sessions ‘rewire’ my body also, not just my brain. This has changed my life.”
“After years of ‘telling my story,’ this approach has finally gotten beneath that, to a deeper happiness.  “

Somatic therapy restores ease in your mind and body

Don’t let any more time go by living out the same old unwanted patterns

We all accumulate body-mind imprints throughout our lifetime. Particularly deep and lasting imprints set in during undersupported, overwhelming, and unwanted live events. These cognitive and somatic maps then dictate how we react to future stresses. Lasting imprints can pull us down the same reactive roads over and over, even when current day situations only slightly echo memories from the past. When these automatic cognitive and somatic maps take over we can be trapped in the all too familiar reactivity, fears, and physical pain we imprinted years before. Anxiety, insomnia, digestive upset, eczema, migraine headaches, relational challenges, and social discomfort are just a few of the symptoms related to these somatic imprints and imbalances.

Your imprints and imbalances can continue to get in the way for years unless you change the way they function in your mind and body. Rebekkah’s work with you will deeply and yet gently address these imprints, changing the way they function in you. Somatic therapy rewires your brain and reconfigures your somatic maps so that you can finally leave behind the old pull toward dis-ease and instead choose pathway of wellness, vitality, and relief.

Why Somatic Therapy?

The integrative skills that Rebekkah teaches promote mind-body equilibrium and lasting self-regulation

Somatic Therapy sessions are beneficial for understanding your mind-body regulation and dysregulation.  By looking at your evolutionary brain’s responses to stress, and better understanding your own involuntary reactions, we then take steps that create lasting rewiring of those reactions. With Rebekkah’s support you can soothe your fear-driven brain and cultivate responses that better serve you and your life.  You can actually reset your whole mind-body system and stop the incessant worry, anxiety, tension, upset, pain, and other symptoms of long lasting dysregulation.  Via somatic therapy, maladaptive reactivity will lessen and eventually resolve so that you can live into your current day experiences unburdened, present, and authentically you.

This is not a one size fits all approach, Rebekkah’s training in mind-body medicine gives her the skills needed to assess how best to support you in your unique circumstances.

Online sessions make receiving support easier. Bring wellness to you wherever you are.
In person sessions available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In your somatic therapy sessions you will have the chance to talk and be heard, explore and understand, and make lasting shifts.

Rebekkah will guide you through the steps that facilitate resilience.  Your body and brain will learn to recover from the stressful and overwhelming events you’ve encounter throughout your life.  You will be able to once again meet your day to day life without falling into the same old patterns you know all too well.

Set aside time for yourself and your wellbeing.  Clients meet with Rebekkah with the frequency that best supports them: bi-weekly, weekly, or bi-monthly.  With Rebekkah’s support and evidence-based approaches, clients learn essential skills for wellness, and their lives improve.

Clients say: “Working with Rebekkah has completely changed the way I see my wellness and the way I see myself.”

60 mins = $155
75 mins = $175
(reduced fees can be available on a case by case basis)

Sessions via Zoom or in person

Clients say: “My sessions are deeply transformational.  This therapy has helped in ways that no other therapy I’ve been in has. Somatic therapy is incredibly effective for me.”

Rebekkah specializes in rewiring your brain and returning mind-body regulation. Feel at home in your own skin.

Clients are saying: “This really helps! I found the combination of somatic therapy and neurofeedback got to the roots of ‘my stuff’.”

For some people, combining somatic therapy and neurofeedback reaches their mind-body imprints deeply so that lasting change can occur.  Sessions include customized neurofeedback for 20 – 30 minutes followed by therapeutic inquiry for somatic regulation, focusing on resilience and well-being.  Consult with Rebekkah to determine if this combination is best for you.

60 mins = $155
75 mins = $175