“I look forward to the wellness retreat all year, it has become a touchstone of inner balance for me. “
“It is not just what Rebekkah teaches, but how she teaches that is so impactful for me.”
“I’ve been coming to Rebekkah’s retreats for years, there is always a mix of new people and ‘regulars,’ I learn as much from the community as I do everything else.”

Return to wellness and stay there longer

Rebekkah teaches nurturing and informative destination retreats and day-long events.

Wellness is available and in today’s busy world, we just have to nurture it.  

Using the tools of  neuroscience, somatic balancing, and mindful-awareness, these events help you return to wellness, and feel whole again.



Wellness Retreat 2018
Napa, California
February 23 – 25

With Rebekkah’s Mind-Body-Reset (MBR) program, participants lives truly change.  In a recent study, MBR showed cortisol and stress reduction for all participants.  MBR helps to lessen the effects of overwhelm, overwork, and being stretched too thin in the modern world.

Rebekkah has researched the most current and most effective practices for wellness. This weekend retreat will be a journey into what restores your inner balance and equilibrium. More info here…

The weekend is a skillfully woven together series of inner explorations and learning new tools.  Your classes include practices for wellness, yoga & gentle movement, group conversations, silent reflection, and learning the current science behind these approaches. We also take time for social hikes, breathing & laughing, connecting with new and old friends, and nourishing nature & cuisine. Come and relax deeply and discover what truly nourishes your spirit.

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What people are saying:
“So grateful for these retreats.”
“It is a gift I give to myself.”
“The retreat is the highlight of my year.”
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Wellness Workshops
Cultivate mindful awareness of your body, mind, and heart.
Empower yourself to take an active role in your health and wellness.

Upcoming Mind Body Reset
Fall Classes Coming Soon

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